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We enjoy teaming up with private and public education systems to help them navigate success.   In today's economy, it's even more important to galvanize a school's community in support of a bright future for their students.   From building awareness and driving enrollment to effective fundraising and master planning, we have the experience to help your school raise its sails and reach its destination faster.  For a list of our most requested solutions, click here.

Below are two of our favorite case studies, to give you a sense of how we think and what we do.  If you think you have a challenge we can help you resolve, we would welcome a chance to talk to you.



After multiple leadership changes, Trinity Catholic Middle School had fallen off the radar of prospective parents in the community.  The student, parent, and alumni base had lost also touch with the school's identity.

Boscobrand conducted a full survey and assessment of the school climate among parents, students, and staff to discover that the school had neglected to nurture its own community.  


Boscobrand recommended a reintroduction of the school's identity to ignite the culture within, and spark a new perspective about the school in the surrounding city. The fully integrated marketing program included new internal and external efforts to drive interest and advocacy. 


The community of TCMS is stronger than ever, and the campaign plan arrested enrollment declines and more than doubled Open House visitation.  



Many private schools struggled during the height of the economic downturn.  The Advisory Board serving this private school system also had its share of challenges, from losing members to other charities, local politics, and outdated policies that did not address the needs of the system.



For the schools to succeed, a new team was needed to create a new approach for the schools and ensure their future.



Boscobrand aided the school system in extending the Advisory Board - screening and training 35 new members to contribute to six new subcommittees. In addition, Boscobrand launched a local online and print campaign to alter public perception, and presented a five-year Strategic Plan, highlighting the need for a new governance model.



All efforts combined to bring about significant change to the system. Several recommendations were immediately adopted, and an overall strategic analysis was initiated on a larger, regional scale. The schools are now on track for growth in the future.


We are proud to say we have experience creating and applying the following tools and programs to drive success:

  • Governance modeling

  • Board development

  • Strategic analysis & long range planning

  • Climate & constituent surveys

  • Brand Development

  • Culture & pride resuscitation program

  • Annual fund development

  • Capital campaign development

  • Grant research and writing

  • Donor management

  • Volunteer engagement

  • Public Relations & Social Media

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