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Leaders of non-profit organizations usually are forced to navigate some of the roughest waters in the business.  We pride ourselves on being there to help them through the storm.  


From strategic planning and innovation to grassroots fundraising and volunteer or employee engagement, we leverage our knowledge from our own leadership positions in non-profit organizations, as well as our perspectives serving them from the agency side.  From Children's Museums to Government Initiatives, we help our clients get safely to their destination..  For a list of our most requested solutions, click here.

Below is one of our favorite case studies, to give you a sense of how we think and what we do.  If you think you have a challenge we can help you resolve, we would welcome a chance to talk to you.


The City of Stamford in partnership with The Business Council of Fairfield County contacted Boscobrand with a challenge to research and recommend how to activate one of the most visible locations in the gateway city of Stamford to help communicate a new positioning for the city..  The goal was to make the city more attractive to technology companies and younger adults seeking nightlife, and reinforce the efforts to revitalize the downtown area..

Impacting over 175,000 commuters daily, and visible from Interstate 95, the Amtrak train corridor, and downtown Stamford, the station was a perfect canvas to work with.  Boscobrand researched a number of innovative approaches to activating the station through digital imagery and through murals of light.  


Boscobrand constructed the grant proposal to a state program that secured funding for the initiative, and managed the RFP for a national search to select a build/design team for the effort.  The final result created a light show on the surface of the station that is similar to the display on top of the Empire State Building.  A launch weekend was also held to engage businesses in the city at every level.  .


Stamford was one of only seven cities in Connecticut to receive grant funding.  The effort secured national attention for the installation at the station, which now serves as a beacon for the city.  Since launch, the Office of Economic Development confirmed a strong and steady  increase in consumer visitation to the city and in sales from downtown establishments.  In addition, the Americans for the Arts Public Art Association Network recognized the Stamford Train Station's new lighting design as one of the Top 50 Public Art Projects in the USA, naming it one of the most compelling public art projects on the East Coast.



The following video was produced by the State of Connecticut Office of Economic Development, as a mini-documentary on the innovative City Canvas Project here in Stamford.


The newly illuminated station, which is highly visible from 1-95, has become a colorful beacon for commuters travelling between New York and Boston. .

Plans are still underway to identify how to extend the same energetic impact captured by the station, through an LED illuminated light track to guide individuals throughout the City from neighborhood to neighborhood.


We are proud to say we have experience creating and applying the following tools and programs to drive success:

  • Governance modeling

  • Board development

  • Strategic analysis & long range planning

  • Climate & constituent surveys

  • Brand Innovation/positioning

  • Culture & Pride Resuscitation program

  • Annual fund development

  • Capital campaign development

  • Grant research & writing

  • Donor management

  • Volunteer engagement

  • Public Relations & Social Media

  • CSR Planning & Execution

  • Partner Identification & Acquisition

  • Corporate & Stakeholder Alignment

  • Policy Development

  • Employee Surveys & Engagement

  • Program Management & Measurement

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